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The Museum Store is located in the lobby of the Kitsap History Museum. At the Museum Store, you’ll find uncommon objects, whimsical designs and remarkable creations. Give unforgettable jewelry by local designers or surprise friends and family with arts and crafts. You’ll find amusing toys for kids and exquisite gifts for discerning art lovers.

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Members receive a minimum 10% off of all museum store purchases. Proceeds from the Museum store support museum exhibits and operations.
Local Art
The Museum Store is delighted to feature items created by local artists.
KCHSGifts and Souvenirs
The Museum Store features a wide variety of local and souvenir gifts for all ages, including toys, clothing and books.

KCHSSpecial Exhibition Items
Items in the Museum Store reflect the current mezzanine exhibit. These items include photographs, books, models, and many other items of interest.

In conjunction with the exhibit, Spanning the Great Peninsula: Bridges of Kitsap, we are pleased to offer the following items:

KCHS   Bridges of Kitsap postcards
Produced by the Kitsap Historical Society Museum specifically for the exhibit, each postcard features one historic image selected from the KCHS Archives, with a descriptive caption on reverse. Scenes include: Big Beef Creek Bridge, 1910; Rustic Footbridge near Port Orchard; Carl Lindberg dam and bridge near Silverdale, 1921; Manette Bridge toll booths and infantry, ca. 1960; Manette Bridge opening, June 21, 1930; Manette Bridge construction, June 14, 1930; Tacoma Narrows Bridge opening, October 15, 1950; Bridge near the Port Orchard Court House.
50 cents each or the set of eight for $3.50.

Leonardo DaVinci’s Self-Supporting Arch Bridge
No glue! The unique structure of this bridge holds itself together without any fasteners or connectors. All parts are precision cut from high-quality hardwood. The finished model is 36” wide, 10” tall and 5-1/2” wide. $21.95

KCHS   The Warren Truss Bridge
A Warren truss bridge is strong, lightweight and easy to build. This model is 22" long, 7" wide and 7" tall, and can support up to 100 lbs.! It's perfect for O and HO model train sets.  $29.95

The Museum Store specializes in books about the history of the region, the natural environment, and texts by Kitsap authors. The book selection includes:


Port Orchard, part of Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series. This pictorial history boasts more than 200 vintage images and provides readers with a unique opportunity to reconnect with the history that shaped their community.

Claudia Hunt and George Willock co-authored this book on behalf of the Kitsap County Historical Society. In addition to photographs from the KCHS collections, the authors collected information on the town’s history from various sources including historical society files, newspaper articles and oral histories of early town citizens. 128 pages / softcover. $21.99

Port Orchard - Images of America


Kitsap County, A History: A Story of Kitsap County and Its Pioneers – Originally published by the Kitsap County Historical Society in 1977, the “Brown Book,” as we called it, was truly a treasure trove of local lore.

This reprinted edition carries the above "Brown Book" strengths forward and has quality photographs and in-depth information that will delight “history buffs” as well as historians.  Beginning with an overview of Kitsap County, the book is divided into four major geographical areas:  North, Central, and South Kitsap County, Bremerton & Naval Shipyard, and Bainbridge Island.  New is this version is a full book index that covers all sections, a boon to research.
Based on oral histories, personal accounts, archival records, photographic collections, official documents, newspaper and journal articles, this book is a wealth of information. Maps and timelines are also included.   Appendices at the back provide additional useful information on Mosquito Fleet Routes, Kitsap Location Names, Kitsap Lakes, Logging Terms, and a list of Naval, Seamanship and Fishing terms.

A beautifully bound hard cover book, The Revised 3rd Edition (we call it the "Green Book") is now available for $75 plus tax and shipping. Drop by the museum and pick up your copy. To order the book by mail, fill out this PDF form, print it, and send it to us.


Cover picture of book Kitsap History Third Edition


The Kitsap County Historical Society’s exhibit catalog, Spanning the Great Peninsula: Bridgesof Kitsap received a Washington Museum Association Award of Excellence at the annual WMA  awards ceremony on June 15, 2012.  Museum curator and catalog editor Scott Bartlett accepted the honor for the publication, which details the KitsapHistory Museum’s  2010 - 2011 award-winning exhibit.

The 112-page catalog mimics the museum exhibit in layout and design, exploring the Kitsap  Peninsula’s  many bridges through four themes: commerce & economy, engineering & construction, ecology, and community.  The book features the iconic Tacoma Narrows, Agate Pass, and Hood Canal bridges as well as the over 90 bridges in Kitsap County.


Lizzie the latest book by Bremerton native Frank Wetzel is now available for purchase at the Kitsap County Historical Society Museum gift shop. Based on the journals of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gordon, the book recounts the active social scene that existed in Bremerton around the years 1909-1911.   Twenty-eight year old Lizzie died on June 10, 1912 and is buried in the Tracyton Cemetery.  Wetzel hosted a book-signing reception at the Museum on the 100th anniversary of her death.

Lizzie was published by Perry Publishing and sells for $15.00 plus tax.  Profits from the book will benefit the Kitsap County Historical Society. Wetzel’s other books include Victory Gardens & Barrage Balloons, a collective memoir of life in Bremerton during World War II, and a collection of essays titled Celebrating Puget Sound. These titles are also available at the Museum’s  gift shop.

kchsKitsap County: The Year of the Child - UNESCO proclaimed 1979 the International Year of the Child. In commemoration of this observance, the Kitsap County Historical Society published this text. Edited by Fredi Perry, The Year of the Child explores the earliest records of children in Kitsap County, including colorful tales of youth and childhood.
kchs Additional historical texts include the histories of Port Blakely, Port Madison, Seabeck, Bremerton, and other communities; local organizations including the Bremerton Symphony and Scouting in Kitsap County; local maritime and military history; and a selection of Northwest Native histories and folk tales.

Outdoors and Nature books include field guides and guidebooks for the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond.
In addition to the fine historical and nature writers in our region, the Museum Store also features the fiction work of local authors. This selection includes works by Gregg Olsen, Will Hobbs, Helene Gabel Ryan, Wally Carlson, Judy Driscoll, Betty Willcomb, and Hal Burton.

The Kitsap Historical Society archives contain over 40,000 images. Copies of most images are available for purchase. Some images are featured in the Museum Store. Visit photographic duplication for more information. Requests for additional images can be made by calling the museum at (360) 479-6226 or emailing


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